Welcome to Survival Bags, Inc.
We sell emergency food, water and supplies to help you survive. Get your survival bag filled with the basic gear you need here. Our goal is to have your order processed within the first 24hrs, and have it in your hands three to five business days after that. We are here for your survival needs!

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Our mission is to help you Survive!

We are not here to scare you, frighten you, or fill your mind with images of terror. This site has been created to help people get a little peace of mind in case of an emergency.

Most people are very busy trying to live their lives peacefully.  Few people have the time or experience to put together some basic necessities that could be of great benefit if an unforeseen emergency happens.  There are times when you may be forced by circumstances beyond your control to stay where you are, find a shelter, or move to another location very quickly.  This could be for a day, a week, or even longer.  At some point you will take control of your situation or help will arrive to assist you.  However, before that occurs, if you have your Survival Bag, your chances for Survival have just increased dramatically. 

We have designed these Survival Bags to immediately help you sustain life and to give you an extra edge in case longer term self reliance becomes necessary.  We sell a number of Survival Bags and options to suit the needs of one person, a family, or a group. 



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